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2017/7/26(水)~ 2017/7/29(土)

The "Hozuki Market" and "Awa Odori" are held for two days at Kagurazaka where the atmosphere of Edo remains.
In the Hozuki market, food is popular at the potted plants of the hozuki and the food shop sold at around 45 restaurants. Children's Day, Bishamonten Stage, town guide by NPOs and yukata dressing services are also held at the same time.
The Awa Odori dance shows a dance full of hot air with a total of 40 times, and the Awa Odori is characterized by the Awa Odori. During the period, special services are offered to some shops in the yukata and eating and drinking. It is held with support charity for the Great East Japan Earthquake and the earthquake disaster victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake.

Kagurazaka, Hozuki Market , http://kagurazaka.in/


In the city of Shinjuku, an Eisa is a traditional dance in Okinawa.
The festival is held in Okinawa as a ceremony to pray for the safety and prosperity of ancestors in the old Bon time-period, but it is a day for Okinawan fun in Shinjuku, a big city. Now it is a summer feature of Shinjuku.
The rhythms of the unique large drums, three lines and a song.
The hands dance of men and women along with other Okinawan dances make the daily lives of people who gather in Shinjuku energetic.

Eisa Festival in Shinjuku, http://www.shinjuku-eisa.com/


The organizer is the Asagaya Shoten Association, and the entire town is decorated with ornaments featuring Tanabata, the Asagaya Pearl Center and the arcade shopping street.
In the arcade, it is decorated with a popular character for each shop, and a huge gathering which reflects the gathering of the summer festival.

Asagaya Tanabata Festival, Manager


It is a summer festival sponsored by Azabu-Juban Shopping Street Promotion Association.
The international bazaar by the embassies of each country has become popular and has become a festival for people in recent years.
Ten Main Street, Ichinobashi Park, Patiso Ten, Amishiro Park and Juban Inari Shrine are unique and interesting, and event festivals are held also.

Azabu Juban Summer Festival, Consultant